Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Having a hot tub is something luxury ?

Hot Tubs are becoming a luxury that many people would not be without. Once the hot tub bug has bitten, you can be sure that you'll want one soon. The steady progress of hot tub designs over the centuries is quite enlightening.

Hot tubs can be traced back to early Rome, BC. In that era, hot tubs were housed in spas and were open to all who wanted to use them. Women and men together, shared in the relaxation and luxury of a spa.

There was a time when hot tubs and spas were luxuries of only the elite. To own one was a status symbol that you could afford the finer things in life. Early consumer Hot tubs used to be only in back yards or on the deck of your home. They were large and bulky and were very expensive to own and maintain.

Today, there are a wide variety of different sizes, prices and materials of hot tubs on the market. Hot tubs can even be housed on the inside of your home, without the worry of leaking or the cumbersome size of models from past years.

Today's hot tubs are available in many different styles. You can buy one that contains just a couple of seats, for a more intimate setting, or, if you entertain a lot of visitors, you can purchase one that will seat up to ten people or more. Older designs were generally more of a fixed size and symetrical nature. Fine if you were average in size, but not so comfortable for the rest of us. Some modern designs now have multi level seating so that you can find the spot that's just right for you.

The spray jets of hot tubs have improved greatly over the years. Manually powered jets were replace by electrically powered jets of many different types. The range of jets comprises of swirling jets, whirlpool jets, mini jets, pillow jets, shoulder jets and massaging jets. Each type has its own use and benefit, but one thing is for certain, get into a modern hot tub and you not want to get back out.

Hot tubs also have reputed medical benefits. The major one being that when used as part of a therapy session, the patient often recovers faster and with less stress to their bodies. Hot tub hydrotherapy has been used for several decades and has had great success.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hot Tub Chemicals are Easier to Use Then Ever Before

If you are getting ready to have a hot tub installed in your home then you are going to have to learn how to use hot tub chemicals. This is because, a hot tub that is not properly treated on a regular basis can quickly develop into a health hazard.

Symptoms that can arise from sitting in poorly maintained hot tub water can range from simple skin rashes to severe infections that can require hospitalization. For many people, the thought of handling hot tub chemicals conjures up images of handling dangerous substances that can quickly melt off their skin if spilled.

In fact, nothing can be further from the truth, because hot tub chemicals just aren't that strong and besides you can now get them in tablet form, so you never even have to actually touch them. Hot tub water should be tested regularly, so you might want to get a calendar and mark off the days that you test, so you can keep track of them.

If the hot tub is in a commercial establishment then you will want to set up a stringent schedule for testing and adding the chemicals. It is important to bear in mind that a hot tub that is outside, exposed to the sun and the elements is going to need chemicals added more often than a hot tub that is indoors with a cover on it.

This is because the sun and the air can cause the chemicals in the hot tub to break down more quickly. You can find a wide selection of test kits and hot tub chemicals online that make it so easy to keep your hot tub water fresh, so you should get one and keep it handy, so your hot tub water will always be safe to use.

Written by Alberto Maeses. Find the latest information on Hot tub chemicals

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tools you need to clean your Hot Tub

With a hot tub comes responsibility. It's not just about fun, you have to clean your hot tub as often as possible for hygienic purposes. Here are some of the commonly used hot tub cleaning tools.

1. Telepoles

This is the main cleaning instrument you need. They are made of fiberglass of aluminum. They come in various sizes. The end has a rounded tip or a handgrip in order for your hand to not slip when you're cleaning your pool or your hot tub. It also comes with magnets so that it can pick up metallic items such as nails or hairpins.

2. Wall and Floor Brush

These are used in order to remove the stains, dirt and materials that stick on the surface. The wall is there to brush off the spa and tub interior surfaces. These are often made from an aluminum frame and come with a shank that perfectly fits your grip. They have nylon bristles that can easily brush across every end. The curved kinds are used in order to get to those corners that are very tight. These wall and floor brushes also come in different sizes. Don't use wire brushes that aren't made of stainless steel because the bristles snap while you are brushing. It will also leave stains when they rust on the plaster. You also have to check whether they are rusty because these might cause further staining.

3. Vacuum Head and Hose

Vacuums are specially made to suck in the dirt in the spa or hot tub. There are two procedures to vacuum these equipments. The first one is to suck the dirt and sent it into the filter. The second one is to use water pressure from the hose and force the debris in the bag then removing and cleaning it with the vacuum. Vacuum heads are usually made of plastic that keeps the head above the surface as it does the cleaning. A flexible head lets the contour go in accordance with the curves of the hot tub and the spa.

4. Tile Brush and Tile Soap

These are used to clean the tiles. Tile brushes don't bend too much in order to allow more cleaning. Tile soaps are often mixed of muriatic acids. These cut the stubborn oils and stains. It also eats through the plastic of the brush pads so make sure that you continue rinsing the hot tub after you apply and scrub. Don't use other kinds of soap aside from one that is made specifically for cleaning the hot tub or spa. If you do, it might only sud and foam.

5. Pumice Stones

These are used in order to remove the scales from the hot tub tiles. It also removes the stains or other deposits from the surfaces. By using these, the surface isn't excessively scratched.

These stones are made from volcanic ash and are specifically made for abrasive actions. They are often sold in blocks and are attached to the telepoles or brushes in order to reach the surface easier. Pumice stones disintegrate so we suggest that you do the scrubbing before you do the vacuuming. Another alternative for pumice stones are plastic foams or Styrofoam because these do not scratch the fiberglass.

Brushing is the Best

The best way to clean your pool is through manual brushing. This removes the debris and the stains. You can also direct how clean you want your tub to be depending on how rigorous you brush.

Pool is the same as Spa and Hot Tub

The steps for cleaning the pool also work for spas and hot tubs. Here are some tips you may consider.

1. Spas are often made of fiberglass so be very mindful whenever you vacuum in order to not scratch the surface.

2. You have to evaluate the water before you do the cleaning. Cleaning also invests a great amount of time but its worth it. You have to test the water in order for you determine whether you should clean it, treat it, or drain it.

Spa Shell Cleaning

Most materials used in cleaning the spas can be maintained as long as you know how to care for these items.